Season Two 2014

The Dance Dr., a Sydney-based contemporary dance company founded in 2013, premiered its annual work in the intimate Eternity Playhouse Theatre on Saturday evening. Titled Metamorphosis, the piece followed a variety of stories inspired by the human form and our connected primitive instincts.The music contributed immensely as an eclectic selection of current, traditional and even spoken word tracks, took us on a visual journey. A fusion of athletic movement with lyrical and classical flourishes created a unique style that complimented the primal subject matter. Standout performers include Pamela Diaz, whose natural style and beauty of lines combined with graceful technique perfectly. A performer who can communicate with their eyes as well as their body is an amazing quality to hold. Lisa-Marie Maglione also impressed, as her solo "Spun" combined animalistic movement along with amazing technical ability, whilst Hannah Pentecost offered a unique and athletic movement style as she portrayed both human and beast-like qualities. One piece of note, "The Shedding B", offered a brave routine danced in complete silence, which particularly resonated in such an atmospheric venue. Pointe work was skillfully displayed in "Prey", combining grace, technique and stylistic motifs, whilst the finale "A Frightful Fiend" concluded the show in a thought-provoking and distinctly unique fashion. 

Founder, Director and choreographer Lucy Mary-Claire should be proud of the grace, dedication and showmanship of her dancers and of the creative journey she has created for her audience, which, with the use of many theatrical elements, was a reflective delight.

Dancetrain Magazine, James Taylor